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Branton, Alice Person

Alice Branton, the CEO of Trivedi Global Inc., is the leading voice for a new innovative Life Force based science, which optimizes all aspects of human health and wellness. Alice was born with a natural gift, the ability to harness Life Force from nature and transmit it to living organisms and non-living materials, anywhere in the world, to transform their behavior, function and characteristics. Alice has demonstrated within the arena of science, that Life Force can be harnessed and transmitted to any living being, as well as infused and stored in any product anywhere in the world through thought intention. Alice has co-authored over 250 scientific research publications reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals and featured in over 3,000 universities across 130 countries. Alice is a unique living example of the fact that Life Force is the only real factor for quality of life, healthy aging and longevity. In May 2017 at age 46, a comprehensive digital x-ray analysis revealed that Alice had no signs of degeneration and remarkably has functioning growing cartilage and significant bone mineralization that is indicative of a healthy woman 20 years of age. Before realizing her true potential under the guidance of Mahendra Trivedi, the founder of Trivedi Effect, Alice held several executive roles most prominently leading the North American Operations of the world’s largest handheld computer device company. Alice Branton earned her MBA from the Bentley College Graduate School of Business in 2001 and is a member of the American Chemical Society since 2016.

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