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  • PCC Task Group on Identity Management in NACO members:

    John Riemer, chair - University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

    Amber Billey - Columbia University

    Michelle Durocher, PoCo representative - Harvard University

    Paul Frank, PCC NACO - Library of Congress

    Stephen Hearn - University of Minnesota

    Violeta Ilik - Stony Brook University Libraries

    Jennifer Liss - Indiana University

    Andrew MacEwan - British Library

    Erin Stalberg - Mount Holyoke College


    With increasing frequency, terminology like “Identity Management” is being used in many settings including libraries where the familiar term is “Authority Control.” Librarians are interested in understanding the difference between those concepts to better align their work with the new developments and new technologies and enable the use of the authority files and identity management registries in various settings. Our task group, Program for Cooperative Cataloging Task Group on Identity Management in NACO, would like to explore and discuss with the VIVO community our common areas of interest. Come hear about some of the emerging use cases illustrating the difference, where library authority data is being utilized in new ways and join us in discussing some of the implications these developments have for the broader community.

    Libraries are shifting traditional notions of authority control from an approach primarily based on creating text strings to one focused on managing identities and entities. We will examine the library experience of working collaboratively over centuries to standardize name forms, share important lessons learned, and explore what infrastructures might be put in place by libraries and institutions/organizations to enable us to work most effectively together going forward: minting and sharing identifiers, linking local identifiers to globally established ones, and creating metadata enrichment lifecycles that enable broad sharing of identity management activity.

    The presentation will address the new initiative to start a pilot membership program for PCC (and other) institutions with the ISNI. This new initiative is intended to help create a pathway for globally shared identifier management work in libraries, in support of not only traditional uses, like including identifiers in MARC authority work, but also forward looking projects like linked data and non-MARC library initiatives like institutional repositories, faculty profiling systems and many other use cases.


  • Ilik, Violeta
  • Durocher, Michelle
  • Frank, Paul
  • Riemer, John
  • Billey, Amber
  • Hearn, Stephen
  • Liss, Jennifer
  • MacEwan, Andrew
  • Stalberg, Erin

publication date

  • August 7, 2017