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  • Abstract:
    Over the past few years, VIVO has gained global appeal amongst institutions. However, many institutions struggle to get past the early adopter phase and ‘go live’ with their own VIVO. As Registered Service Providers of VIVO, we are often asked for ‘showcase’ VIVO systems to display. We will typically send them examples where institutions have undertaken large customisation projects on top their VIVO, like Griffith University.
    Institutions who adopt VIVO still struggle to find a focus for the ‘stock’ version. For it to be an effective showcase of an institution’s data, there needs to be consideration of usability and design to realise its full potential, to make it a true centre of the expertise of an institution. Many institutions do not always have the resource or expertise to achieve this.
    In this presentation, we will demonstrate the first iteration of a user-focused, modern reimagining of the VIVO interface. Using Bootstrap and CSS, we will show how some layout and design improvements can work wonders on the stock VIVO interface. Coupled with some basic SEO knowledge, any institution can use these simple methods to drastically improve their own VIVO and make it the ‘expertise’ hub it’s destined to be. We will also demonstrate a new set of integrations with products such as Altmetric, figshare and The Conversation to help further enrich and showcase institutional data and expertise.

publication date

  • August 18, 2016