Creating an open linked data model for Research Graph using VIVO Ontology Conference Paper uri icon


  • This is the pre-print version of a paper accepted in Open Repository Conference in Brisbane, Australia, June 2017.


    Research Graph is an open collaborative project that builds the capability for connecting researchers, publications, research grants and research datasets (data in research).  VIVO is an open source, semantic web platform and a set of ontologies for representing scholarship.  To provide interoperability between Research Graph data and VIVO systems we modelled the Research Graph metamodel using the VIVO Integrated Semantic Framework. To evaluate the mapping, we used the model to connect figshare RDF records to data collections in Research Data Australia using Research Graph API. In addition, we are working toward loading Research Graph data into a VIVO instance.  VIVO provides a search capability, and pages for first class entities in the Research Graph model -- researcher, dataset, grant, and publication.  The result provides a visualisation solution for co-authors, co-funding, timeline, and a capability map for finding expertise related to concepts of interest.  The resulting linked open data will be made freely available and can be used in other tools for additional discovery.

publication date

  • March 16, 2017