Framework for Assessing the Smartness Maturity Level of Villages Chapter uri icon


  • In this study, we established the very first version of a system for smartness appraisal which enables village representatives to self-assess their current situation based on smartness parameters defined by an independent panel of experts. The system allows for a thorough assessment of several aspects like Mobility, Governance, Economy, Environment, Life, Citizens, using the multi-criteria study Electre Tri to measure the parameters. However, the findings allow for further data analysis and guide various functionalities such as defining best practices and coordination and matching between possible participants.


  • Martinez Gil, Jorge
  • Pichler, Mario
  • Beranič, Tina
  • Brezočnik, Lucija
  • Turkanović, Muhamed
  • Lentini, Gianluca
  • Polettini, Francesca
  • Lué, Alessandro
  • Vitale, Alberto Colorni
  • Doukhan, Guillaume
  • Belet, Claire

publication date

  • January 1, 2019