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Carson, Matthew Person


Matt is a scientist who develops and applies data collection, processing, analysis, and mining methods to facilitate knowledge discovery in biomedical informatics research. He believes that bridging the gap between biological and clinical research is crucial to understanding human health and disease, and that success requires data integration within and across domains. Trained as a bioinformatician, he has experience in designing and building genome annotation and comparative genomics pipelines, complex network analysis, and machine learning research. He has worked with collaborators to find new methods for knowledge acquisition from electronic health record data and has designed a novel graph-based framework for quantifying and measuring provider collaboration based on patient outcomes. He has developed and directed data science courses in the Driskill Graduate Program, the Health Sciences Integrated Program, and the Master of Science in Clinical Investigation Program at Northwestern University. In his current role as the Head of Galter's Digital Systems Department, Matt is working to establish a new research support core, DataLab, that will develop and design novel, sustainable data services throughout all stages of the research data life cycle.

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