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Boyles, Rebecca Program Manager, Bioinformatics


I am an environmental health science professional with more than 15 years of experience in environmental health effects research, project management, and program development. As a program manager at RTI support and leads informatics projects across domains including precision medicine, zebrafish applications in toxicology data, and the PhenX Toolkit. As a data scientist at NIEHS I provide vision and leadership for new program development around environmental health science data within and across divisions at NIEHS and NIH. I previously worked as a manager with technical, project management, staff development, and business development responsibilities. Clients included REACH chemical registration consortia, US EPA Air and Radiation NAAQS Group, US EPA Office of Water, and US EPA National Center for Exposure Assessment.

Particular strengths in:
-Developing and implementing innovative programs, products, and services.
-Working with stakeholder groups including: boards, committees, junior staff, and external audiences.
-Building and maintaining exceptional staff through recognized mentoring and capability building.
-Overseeing and coordinating all aspects of budgeting and financial management.
-Leading organizations and teams through strategic growth and transition.
-Facilitating strategic planning processes, and translating to operational goals for execution.

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