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Jones, Shawn Person

Shawn Jones is an Old Dominion University (ODU) PhD student working as a Graduate Research Assistant at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for Herbert Van de Sompel. From 1997 to 2015, he worked as a software engineer for the United States Department of Defense, acquiring proficiency in a variety of technologies and programming languages, including C, PERL, PHP, Java, and Python. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (1999) and Master of Science in Computer Science (2015), both from ODU. As a PhD student, he is part of the Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group led by Dr. Michael L. Nelson. He is a principal contributor to the Memento MediaWiki Extension and the Python Memento Client library. Recent research work involved the use of Memento on wikis as well as the characterization and evaluation of different heuristics for particular Memento use cases. His research interests include digital preservation and the different aspects of time relating to web resources.


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