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Oded Kariti Researcher


The Independent Researcher of San Diego State University Oded Kariti for some time now has been internationally recognized as a scientist and scholar with wide research interests. Born in San Diego on July 15, 1975 the family of Kariti moved to New York City, where he grew up and completed his elementary school.

As a young man who since the early age showed interest in science and research, his family decided to support him in his academic life. Although he was recognized as a bright student Kariti was not an exceptional student. But Kariti focused on expanding his knowledge outside of school. At the age of 15 he expressed a desire to study mathematics work his way into becoming a respected scientist.

This established scientist received undergraduate degrees in both Mathematics and Physics at Princeton University. Oded Kariti earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University and soon after that recognition he joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where was appointed as assistant professor holding lectures to students studying applied mathematics. At this position Kariti spent the following 10 years, and then he moved his research program to the center for Education and Research in Cosmology at New York Queens University. There, working closely with some of the most well known scientists and public intellectuals in the world, Kariti has participated in many scientific discussions and public presentations.

Oded Kariti has written and published over 50 articles which have been included in prestige journals and magazines. His works are studied and used as a lecturing materials in many universities around the world. His career was marked by awards, notoriety and distinguished titles. In 2016 he was awarded with the prestigious SDSU Diversity Award for his Research in the Program for Realization of the Energy Development Strategy in the State of San Diego.

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