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Marçal, David Person

With a degree in chemistry and a PhD in biochemistry, has conducted research both in an industrial context and academia. Was for a short while a science journalist for the Portuguese leading reference newspaper Público and an author of science themes for children for the magazine kulto. From 2003 to 2011 was an author of scientific humour for the satiric newspaper Inimigo Público. He was the coordinator of a stand-up-comedy group with scientist performers ("Cientistas de Pé") and the author of several theatre plays and television shows about science. He is one of the authors (together with the physicist Carlos Fiolhais) of the science popularization books “Darwin shooting and other science stories” (Gradiva, 2011) and “Making popcorn with cell Phone and other fake science stories” (Gradiva, 2012). Co-author and coordinator of the book "All science (except the boring bits)" (Gradiva, 2013) and author of "Pseudoscience" (an essay published by Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 2014). In 2010 has won the "Ideias Verdes" award (for an innovative project on environmental education, involving the stand-up-comedy group "Cientistas de Pé") and the Portuguese Young Chemists Award (awarded by the Portuguese Chemical Society). Is a science writer at Ciência Viva, the National Agency for Scientific Culture, and coordinator of the Global Portuguese Scientists (GPS.PT) network.


  • Science communication