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  • Engaging Faculty and Scholars User Community using Diverse Outreach Methods and Analytics

    The challenge of effectively engaging faculty is a common one across VIVO institutions. How do we reach faculty (and the broader user community) to inform them of updates and provide enablement concerning our VIVO implementations? What are the most effective ways to elicit faculty and user feedback? Another common theme is that there seems to be no “magic” bullet – one single “best way” in which to consistently reach all faculty. Through a previous case study, we discussed how Duke University has adopted a “multi-pronged” outreach approach for its VIVO implementation, Scholars@Duke, to help improve the level of user awareness and quality of engagement, and overcome this challenge. In this presentation, we will discuss how we expanded our approach to outreach further by using digital signage, social media, and improved email design layouts to enhance our communications strategy, partnering with campus groups with similar missions, and leveraging analytics from Tableau, Google Analytics, and other sources to better guide how we engage with faculty and the broader Scholars@Duke user community. We will examine the effectiveness of these additions to our outreach strategy and discuss what we learned in the hope that it better informs other VIVO institutions in their outreach efforts.

publication date

  • August 4, 2017