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  • As an extension of the Linked Data for Libraries project (LD4L) and parallel work to integrate VIVO and SHARE, the Hesburgh Libraries at the University of Notre Dame is working to link Fedora 4, Hydra, VIVO, and SHARE together to further realize the paradigm proposed within LD4L with a focus on research lifecycle events. This project dubbed SHARE Link is focused towards two primary aims desired by many institutions: institution level research activity tracking, curation, and sharing; enhanced search, browse and discovery of research events and related materials.

    Subsequently, bringing SHARE, VIVO, and Fedora 4 together makes it possible to create a dashboard of research events including links to repository materials. In turn, the metadata in each system are enriched in ways not possible with any one solution. The underlying unified research and repository information graph (between Fedora and VIVO) will also allow browsing the virtual shelves of repository materials across venue, subject, and other person affinities like specialization, institution, or co-authors. It will allow creating a recommendation list when viewing a related work. While wider adoption within the Fedora community will be sought, this effort is initially focused on developing a reference implementation of VIVO paired with an Institutional Repository utilizing the Hydra Framework on top of Fedora 4.

    This presentation describes progress to date in the early life of this project.

publication date

  • August 18, 2016