ONDA & FLATLAND | Fostering sustainability in land-reform: a visual journey Conference Poster uri icon


  • Digital version: http://bit.ly/poster_fostering

    The poster illustrates a visual journey through a master thesis research project called "Fostering sustainability in Brazilian agrarian reform: insights from assentamentos and ecovillages". It was designed by OndaPolitica and Jongens van de Tekeningen using the method behind the Research Storytelling Canvas (also being presented in the Conference). The poster was originally designed to be used in a master thesis defense and later adapted to serve as a map for readers to explore the different sections of the text in a non-linear way. The online version of the poster (created with Thinglink) allows users to click on its different icons and be redirected to the different sections of the text designed in Scalar.edu.

publication date

  • April 15, 2016