Preliminary List Of Links And Doi'S For Teaching Materials For 2016 School. Article uri icon


  • Preliminary course material links for 1st CODATA-RDA Summer School in Research Data Science, Trieste
    Note - some of these courses do not yet have DOI’s. This will be updated in a future document.


  • Huang, Daisie
  • Gonzalez, Ivan
  • Blischak, John
  • Chen, Daniel
  • Dashnow, Harriet
  • Haine, Denis
  • Devenyi, Gabriel
  • Koch, Christina
  • Srinath, Ashwin
  • Cabunoc, Abigail
  • McKay, Sheldon
  • Peretsman-Clement, Gail
  • Gillespie, Colin
  • South, Andy